17. apr. 2019  Düsseldorf/Germany

Henkel Beauty Care's commitment: Product bottles made of 100% recycled plastic in Germany

Henkel Beauty Care launches product packaging made with 100% recycled plastic – thereof 50% Social Plastic® – to counteract Ocean Plastic

With new products from Fa and Nature Box, Henkel Beauty Care will also launch new packaging made with 100% recycled plastic. These products will hit the German market in June 2019. On the other hand, fifty percent of the packaging is made of Social Plastic®. With these products, Henkel Beauty Care supports the initiative led by Plastic Bank, which is committed to fighting Ocean Plastic while reducing poverty. Henkel Beauty Care leads by example and puts environmental awareness into practice by launching special editions of shampoo and shower gel: "Meeres Glück" from Nature Box and "Meeres Liebe" from Fa.

About eight million tons of plastic trash make their way into the world's oceans, every year. Henkel Beauty Care strives to help find solutions to eliminate plastic trash from the environment, particularly from the oceans. With the new products from Fa and Nature Box, Henkel Beauty Care takes steps towards an eco-friendly future: "We are looking forward to consistently and successfully integrate sustainability with the upcoming product launches for Fa and Nature Box and to tackle – together with Plastic Bank – the global issue of Ocean Plastic," says Saskia Schmaus, Corporate Director International of Henkel Beauty Care.

Since 2017 Henkel has been working with Plastic Bank. The organization's goals are to combat the problem of plastic waste in the oceans and find solutions to overcome poverty. Individuals from local communities in Haiti, for example, can return plastic to collection centers in exchange for cash or non-monetary benefits. The plastic that has been collected is sorted, processed and re-introduced to the market as Social Plastic®. Plastic Bank operates the plastic collection centers and is also a partner of Henkel Beauty Care. Henkel has previously introduced product packaging that used Social Plastic®.

In June 2019, Schauma will also launch a special edition with packaging made from 100% recycled plastic. Besides, Henkel is also a founding member of the global "Alliance to End Plastic Waste" (AEPW).

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