15. nov. 2017  Düsseldorf

Alternatives to animal testing

3D Skin COMET assay for the in vitro genotoxicity testing

Through a joint in vitro research project, a new alternative to animal testing has been developed and validated – the 3D Skin COMET assay. Combining our tissue engineered full thickness skin model with the broadly accepted comet assay we provide an alternative to animal testing for genotoxicity assessments with a yet unprecedented high predictivity.

Our artificial skin model is composed of keratinocytes to form an epidermis, which is a fully stratified squamous epithelium and a dermis with fibroblasts that comprise collagen as well de novo synthesized extracellular matrix (ECM) thus building an excellent connective tissue. As skin is very often the site of first contact for chemicals, test compounds are applied on the surface of the skin model per standard operation procedure. Subsequently fibroblast and keratinocytes are isolated and subjected to the comet assay that allows the reliable identification of mutagens and clastogens.

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