9. nov. 2021  Düsseldorf / Germany

Recognition of outstanding performance of strategic partners across the value chain

Henkel Adhesive Technologies Supplier Awards 2021 granted to BASF, Eastman and Schütz

Henkel Adhesive Technologies has awarded the performance of its strategic partners with its Supplier Awards. With these annual recognitions the business unit honors the close and successful collaboration across its value chains since many years. In 2021 Henkel Adhesive Technologies has awarded the companies BASF, Eastman and Schütz in the three categories of Sustainability, Innovation and Operational Excellence.

“The close collaboration with our strategic suppliers and partners is a key success factor to drive sustainable innovations and to generate value for our customers,” said Jan-Dirk Auris, Executive Vice President Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “Especially in today´s volatile markets that are currently characterized by a strong pressure on the global supply chains our longstanding and robust partnerships are of utmost importance for our business. This makes it even more important to recognize the efforts and outstanding achievements of our suppliers.”

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 limitations the annual award ceremony was conducted as hybrid event. The physical part was held at the Henkel headquarters in the new Inspiration Center Düsseldorf of Adhesive Technologies. Besides its raw materials suppliers the company also welcomed partners in the areas of logistics and packaging at the event. “Our strategic supplier program aims to set the foundation for a strong ecosystem alongside our value chains. We believe that we together can unlock new potentials especially with regards to sustainable solutions that respond to the demands of the markets and that help creating value for our customers.”

Sustainability Award: BASF

Henkel has presented its Sustainability Award to BASF SE, a leading chemical company in the field of polymer dispersions and additives for coating, construction and adhesive application headquartered in Ludwigshafen/Rhine, Germany. In 2021, the company demonstrated excellent support and showed an outstanding contribution to Henkel’s sustainability targets and ambitions. BASF and Henkel are jointly driving a variety of initiatives for a sustainable future. These initiatives among others include joint technology development projects to increase health and safety standards, enabling the reduction of the CO2 footprint via bio-mass balanced raw materials for new adhesive products and the partnership in the ReciChain initiative.
“Sustainability without a doubt has become the key megatrend impacting societies and businesses, and we see a massive increase of customer demands for solutions enabling CO2-reduction, circular economy and health and safety” explained Csaba Szendrei, Corporate Senior Vice President Packaging and Consumer Goods Adhesives at Henkel. “BASF shares our deep commitment to drive sustainable change and has demonstrated strong contributions that support our ambitious sustainability targets.”

Innovation Award: Eastman

Henkel has granted its Innovation Award to Eastman Chemical Company, a specialty chemical materials company headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA. The collaboration was based on open exchange and early access to a strong innovation portfolio. Eastman´s outstanding commitment to collaborative innovation enabled the development of customized materials for new solutions across multiple technologies and business units. In addition, Eastman demonstrated strong leadership in creating sustainable technologies that will contribute to the reduction of Henkel’s carbon footprint.
“The know-how and performance of our strategic suppliers play a key role for us in the development of groundbreaking innovations” said Michael Todd, Global Head of Innovation and New Business Development at Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “Thanks to the openness and spirit of the Eastman teams we have been able to launch some real game-changer innovations in focus markets and will continue to benefit from the strong innovation pipeline in the future.”

Operational Excellence Award: Schütz

Henkel has presented its Operational Excellence Award to Schütz GmbH & Co. KGaA, a leading manufacturer of high-quality transport packaging headquartered in Selters, Germany. The recognition was granted for the company´s outstanding supply performance in a very challenging market environment. Schütz has achieved an excellent service level with strong "On-Time" and "In-Full" delivery scores. In addition, the company has demonstrated a strong commitment to build a global top-quality packaging partnership, supporting market growth, while pursuing sustainability enhancement targets.
“The close cooperation and open exchange with our strategic suppliers throughout the entire value chain enable us to translate the needs and expectations of our customers into impactful solutions”, explained Thomas Holenia, Corporate Vice President Purchasing Adhesive Technologies at Henkel. “Schütz provided best-in-class service levels for Henkel, despite all logistics challenges in 2021. The collaboration was characterized by aligned strategic priorities, which help making our joint supply chains more agile and resilient.”

Henkel has granted its Supplier Awards 2021 in the three categories of Sustainability, Innovation and Supply Performance.

Henkel has presented its Sustainability Award 2021 to BASF.

Eastman has received the Innovation Award 2021.

Henkel has granted its Operational Excellence Award 2021 to Schütz.

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